Anil Mistry

First Edition 2022
Softcover, perfect bound
92 pages with 144 black & white photographs
210 x 297mm
Edition of 125 – 25 signed with print

“I am a child of Gujarati immigrant parents who settled in Leicester in the late 1960s. I spent my youth wandering the streets, becoming intimate with every corner of the city – and in the process fell in love with its very unique mix and clash of cultures.

Leicester holds a special place in my heart and my imagination, and in this book I have combined photography with three-dimensional photomontage to capture the way that the city exists in my memory – a chaotic landscape of overlapping images, textures, smells, characters and emotions that have defined me.

This is my hometown.”
Anil Mistry

Available as a standard edition or as one of 25 signed copies with a signed A4 print of ‘The Watcher’ (second photo down).

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