‘Fistful of Books’ began life in 2012 in south west Scotland. It was founded by photographer Simon Robinson (that’s me!).

I was inspired to start producing photozines myself after purchasing many photography zines from other publishers (mainly from Craig at Cafe Royal).
I thought that it was a great way of presenting photography, of getting it out into the world in an affordable and easily digestible format – so why not give
it a go myself. ‘Fistful of Books’ concentrates on publishing zines of urban/street and documentary photography from around the world.

As of 2016 ‘Fistful of Books’ has been located in Little Neston on the Wirral (that’s in England). The photozines are printed and assembled by myself and
are produced in a very crowded spare room that houses all the necessary equipment such as computer, printer, guillotine, binding machines, creaser,
saddle stapler, heaps of paper etc as well as my (rather large) photobook collection and other bits and pieces.

Simon Robinson