Moonshine – Bertien van Manen


Title:  Moonshine
Author: Bertien van Manen
Publisher: Mack
Edition:  1st Edition, 2014
Binding:  Softcover
ISBN: 9781907946622

Condition:  Like New

‘..Van Manen’s point and shoot style of photography is one of allowing imperfections in technique stand. In many of her images there is often an unearthly quality to the light; for instance the unnatural glow of the girls’ back in the book’s cover image as she tuns from the camera; in an early black-and-white image of four children sitting on a sofa, the two girls in the centre dissolve in the glow of the window light; fiery light leaks stain an image of a man in a coffin at a funeral. …It is said that in the distilling of ‘moonshine’ whisky, the clearer the liquid looks the more powerful the alcohol. In Bertien van Manen’s Moonshine the opposite may be true, imperfection handled with a fierce respect and admiration has allowed for a stronger more powerful drink than few have been able to produce. ..’

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