Life’s A Ball 90s (Test)



Zak Waters

First Edition 2021
140 pages – with 95 colour photographs
200 x 300mm
Edition of 750
Offset colour printing

‘Life’s a Ball 90s’ is a documentary photobook by Zak Waters that takes a nostalgic and affectionate look at diehard UK football fans in the mid 90’s.

Contrary to what you may think ‘Life’s a Ball 90s’ is not a book about football – it is a book about people who like football – REALLY like football!

It is a photobook of two halves:

The first half consists of photos and interviews with 25 of the most impassioned football fans you are likely to meet. Fans such as Copland Nutter (Rangers), Tango (Sheffield Wednesday), Billy Bluebeat (Chelsea), Vinnie The Parrot (Celtic), Frank Sidebottom (Altrincham) and many more.

The second half is all about Groundhoppers, a group of like-minded people (men mostly) who Tyneside-based newspaper The Journal described as “the train spotters of British football”. The Groundhoppers documented in Life’s A Ball 90s visited football grounds in the Northern League – it didn’t matter who was playing (they didn’t support a particular team), they were fans of football in the purest sense! They were also fans of the grounds on which the game was played and they had their little rituals – some liked (had) to touch all the corner posts, some would log every pass in every game they watched and so on. Zak accompanied the Northern League Groundhoppers on two Easter weekend outings – the first in 1995 and then again in 1996.

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