f/8 Documentary: Volume Six


This is the sixth volume of the f/8 Documentary zine, a collaboration between f/8 Documentary and Fistful of Books.
F/8 Documentary is a group of photographers exhibiting on Instagram (@f8documentary) with a particular interest in documentary photography in the British Isles. They regularly invite guest contributors and are proud to be featuring, in upcoming editions, work by some of the most eminent living photojournalists of the last fifty years.

In Volume Six...
Martin Mayer          Everton Housing
Danny Jackson         The Eccentrics
Simon Tasker          VE 50
Syd Shelton           Skinheads
Gisela Szlatoslavek   Sparthbottoms Fire
Andrew Johnston       Belfast Summer
David Gilbert Wright  Children Of The West
Craig Szlatoszlavek   The Boxers

Volume Six
f/8 Documentary
60 pages
210 x 280mm
Edition of 100
Colour/mono digital printing
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