Collections 92-06 – Camille Solyagua


Title:  Collections 92-06
Author: Camille Solyagua
Publisher: Nazraeli Press
Edition:  1st hardcover printing, 2007
ISBN: 978-1590051771

Condition:  Like New

Collections 92-06 comprises 67 plates spanning over a decade of work. This gorgeous new monograph was published to coincide with Solyagua’s solo exhibitions at the Center for Photographic Art in Carmel, and at MiCamera, Milan, Italy. While serving as an important review of the artist’s work to date, Collections 92-06 functions beautifully as an artist’s book of the highest order: quarterbound in Japanese cloth and dyed paper, the botanical specimens, photograms, jellyish, birds, and 19th-century natural history specimens are woven together in a dream-like sequence that recalls curiosity cabinets of an earlier time. The book opens with an insightful essay on the artist’s career, interests and methodology by Karen Sinsheimer, curator of photography at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, and closes with an afterword by Dennis High, curator at the Center for Photographic Art. Solyagua’s work has been widely exhibited throughout the United States, Europe and Japan.

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