May The Road Rise To Meet You – Sara Macel


Title:  May The Road Rise To Meet You
Author: Sara Macel
Publisher: Daylight Community Arts Foundation
Edition:  1st hardcover printing, 2013
ISBN: 9780988983113

Condition:  Like New

In this remarkable pseudo-documentary and biography, Sara Macel followed her father, a traveling salesman, on his trips across the US. In popular mythology, few professions are as emblematic of this mobile, ambitious and commercially minded nation as the traveling salesman. As the internet and outsourcing make this once ubiquitous occupation obsolete, May the Road Rise to Meet You explores the life of a businessman alone on the road. On a larger scale, this project explores the changing nature of “the road” in American culture and in the history of photography. With these images, Sara Macel created a visual narrative of her father’s life separate from his family structure. In the same way that a family photo album functions to present an idealized version of their history, these photographs are what both Macel and her father want the visual narrative of his working life to be remembered as.

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