Football’s Hidden Story


In disaster areas, war zones and urban wastelands, football keeps humanity alive. It brings nations together and promotes unity. It encourages equality and generates pride and self-belief. It has the power to heal and to help, to motivate, to give freedom to dreams and empower a generation. There are millions of people playing the game or helping it to flourish who find that football brings a positive dimension to their lives. Away from the billionaire owned clubs with their multi-million pound players, Football’s Hidden Story shows the positive impact that football has had at grassroots level on individuals and communities all around the world: from Thailand to Haiti; Liberia to Colombia; China to Israel and many places inbetween.

Football’s Hidden Story
Peter Dench
48 pages
245 x 164mm
Numbered edition of 125
Colour digital printing

Peter Dench is an award winning photographer, writer, author, TV presenter, curator & Olympus Visionary.

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